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WTS Light and Frag Spheres
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
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By Asura.Chanter 2018-09-15 06:37:20
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Hello, i was gonna make an Escutcheon Shield but decided against it. I have a stockpile of 300 stacks of Light Spheres and 300 Stacks of Fragmentation Spheres. That is more than enough for one full shield minus the impaction and liquefaction spheres , which are dirt cheap on asura. I have all the spheres on asura but will gladly server transfer them all if someone needs them on another server. Thank you for your time.
Server: Leviathan
Game: FFXI
user: Rairin
Posts: 6052
By Leviathan.Comeatmebro 2018-09-15 10:14:14
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It was my understanding that spamming the same skillchain over and over would cause your focuser to lose stability and start breaking more and more often.

Not sure if this is the case as I've always used all 14 sphere types, but something to keep in mind for a potential buyer.
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