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Returning player from ~10 years ago
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By Sidmow 2018-08-26 19:52:24
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I got inspired to come back to this game after watching Ready Player One, and I'm just looking for a new linkshell for help with picking up where I left off.

I doubt anybody remembers me, but I was the guy always running around on Ifrit yelling OHMAIFROSTYGOODNESSHAI!!! or /stab! I've matured since then though... mostly.
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By Senaki 2018-09-23 10:10:39
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Welcome back :). I apologize for the late reply of this response, I seem to have missed your forum.

The most "returning player" friendly shells on Odin are: SchoolOfHardknocks, Sinners (has gear requirements for events), PinkBunnies (Small, casual returning player shell).

In terms of English "mid game" LS: RoboticSquirrels, maybe Sinners, Nogamenolife.

"End game" English LS: WildCard, Lostsoulsofmischief, and multiple teeny tiny ones that I don't remember.
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By Odin.Eohuo 2018-09-23 12:20:51
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FYI WildCard has not been active for a while. We are more social at this point in time.
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