WHM Looking For A Regular Group/static For Vagary

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WHM looking for a regular group/static for Vagary
Server: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
user: Granis25
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By Ragnarok.Granis 2017-06-29 23:16:22
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Hi there, I'm interested in either joining an existing static/group for semi-regular Vagary runs. There are quite a few pieces I am interested in ANd I'm looking for items to 119 my Empy gear.

While there is stuf I'dlike for my other jobs like the dagger for my THF or stuff for my other mage jobs I'm interested in, But I'd be healing it on WHM so I'd only take things that aren't WHM items if they'd hit the floor otherwise. I just thought I'd mention it to let you know up front why I'm interested in running/clearing Vagary, hoping to eventually get everything I need with KIs after enough clears anyhow, which is why I wanna find a semi-regular group/static or make one of my own.

I am free mosts days of the week and the best times for me are usually in the evenings EST, and I'm very willing to stay up late to get stuff done.

Thank you for reading, hope to hear from some interested people soon.
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