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gearswap question
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By hamany9 2017-01-19 19:28:02
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Can i lock a specific gearset so that my character dont change gear when doing different action. for example, I'm on pld and i want to lock my gear in def mode magical hp so that my char dont change gear when i cast spells etc.
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By Asura.Verbannt 2017-01-21 06:00:30
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While it is possible to disable midcast when you have a defensive set on it is not encouraged you WILL lose hate and then you will not be doing your job, as this will disable any enmity gear you will have in flash and other spells, and while you can argue that your hp value goes down in midcast is a problem it is easier to make a set for when in hp magical that compensates your hp value so you dont loose any.

I tank schah with swapping gear into reltively weak (defensive stats) during fc and have never had an issue as long as my midcast set was still equipping the Defensive set in places that dont buff the respective spell.
EX sets.midcast.Protect = set_combine(sets.defense.HP, {ring1="Sheltered Ring"})

This way your not left open during midcast you get full effect of spell with minimal loss to defense. When I have my pld lua where I want it I will post it but its a W.I.P. atm
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