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Question about TP gain
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By Shiloh 2016-11-09 12:44:58
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I've been upgrading my WS gear lately and really haven't focused entirely on building an optimal TP set. Slacker, I know. I've yet to use Gearswap but plan on doing so soon. Bottom line I want to be as good of a THF as I can be.

First I'll list info about my THF and go from there.

Master Thief
Main: Vajra AG
Sub: Semi-augmented Taming Sari(DMG+, Dex/str +7/8?) or Sandung
Ammo: Ginseng
Head: Adhemar(NQ)
Necklace: Combatant's
Earrings: Brutal + Cessance
Body: Adhemar(NQ)
Hands: Herc gloves(WS augmented-I figure I need to uncurse Adhemar?)
Rings: Epona's + Petrov
Back: Canny (DW3 plus minor stats such as dex/str+3?)
Waist: Windbuffet+1
Legs: Samnuha Tights(fully augmented)
Feet: Herc feet(WS augments)

Currently my LS can handle all of Zitah, Up thru T3 Sky and the T2 Reisenjima that we've recently attempted(Strophadia, Sarsaok and 1 other than eludes my memory). I currently have Aeonic completion thru T3 Zitah, working on HELMs sometime this week. I also have Twashtar 90 from long ago.

First off, Gearswap would allow me to augment and use 2 sets of a specific item, correct? (2 herc feet, 1 for tp gain, 1 for ws?) If so, that's an easy upgrade change for me, as I recently acquired a 2nd set.

Secondly, do I drop the DW cape and add another ambuscade cape once I get gearswap going? Being at DW+5 (From adhemar body) would be better than +8(+3 from Canny Cape)? What's the augmentation route for TP ambuscade cape?

Next, what should I do about neck slot? Would combatant's be most effective or should I look elsewhere? Where else do you see room for upgrades?

Should I pursue Twashtar AG?

Thanks for the help in advance. And, feel free to ask any questions I may not have given above.
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By Sylph.Jeanpaul 2016-11-09 13:15:16
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1) Yes, Gearswap can recognize specific augments. To use this function, you can type //gs export when you have the gear equipped, and then in your sets section, give this augment a specific name (ie: HercBootsTP). I can provide specific examples later, I'm at work right now.

2) Ambuscade cape will easily outperform a Canny Cape due to the other stats. In your situation (Master + Adhemar body), you only need 1 DW to cap attack speed, so you're not getting much from Canny (and losing a little TP as a result). Primary recommended capes to begin with are:
- DEX+30, Acc/Att+20, WSD+10% for SA/TA WSs
- DEX+20, Acc+30, Att+20, STP+10 for TPing

3) Combatant's is ideal when you need the accuracy, though there are some similar neck pieces for low accuracy situations, like Ainia Collar. Up to you if you feel like carrying extra stuff for tiny gains vs weak stuff though.

4) If you're willing to make the investment, then go for it. It will definitely perform better than Sari. You're ultimately trading 3% triple attack for greater WS damage and offhand accuracy.
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By Shiloh 2016-11-09 18:12:04
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Thanks JeanPaul, I appreciate your input.

TP in adhemar wristbands better than herc tp?
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By Shiloh 2016-11-09 23:08:27
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Anyone able to link their gswap .lua or direct me to the best available 1 online? ^^
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By Asura.Ladyofhonor 2016-11-11 04:13:57
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Shiloh said: »
Anyone able to link their gswap .lua or direct me to the best available 1 online? ^^

I just use a slightly edited motes.
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