Thf Or Dnc? Mostly Solo Play

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Thf or Dnc? Mostly solo play
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By Mize 2015-09-11 03:51:49
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I have both at 99, with a lot more time played on DNC but not really in the current meta/endgame. I'm trying to figure out what Thf gains to offset all the useful JAs that DNC has going for it... TP manipulation, WS/SC boosts, better mainjobbed heals, two good 1 hr abilities, etc. To me a lot of THF's JAs seem very situational, weak, or outright useless.

Am I giving up utility for 11% base (un-gifted) triple attack and TH pretty much? TA seems easy to use with trusts, but SA is tough to use because you're usually holding aggro. What am I missing in the appeal?
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By geigei 2015-09-11 05:50:46
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I like dnc more, dmg output is higher too assuming both job geared very well.
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By Sylph.Jeanpaul 2015-09-11 11:12:43
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When solo, DNC has more going for it in terms of survival and damage output. THF is a stronger choice in party play (assuming there is coordination), otherwise it's really about the TH.
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