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New debuff testing
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By Asura.Saevel 2015-05-21 17:26:57
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Just got 550 JP on RDM and here is some testing I did with a friend in ballista

Target MND: 173
No buffs, debuffs, was a COR/WHM
603 evasion

Myself RDM/SCH with Composure Gain-MND up
MND: 319

Emp 119 Body, Uk feet
504 Enfeebling Skill
521 evasion remaining, effect was -82

Saboteur With 119 Emp Body, 119 Emp Hands and Uk feet
403 evasion remaining, effect was -200

Emp 119 Body, Artifact 119 feet
521 evasion remaining, effect was -82 (For distract III Emp body and Uk feet don't stack).

Count's Garb, Artifact 119 feet
531 evasion remaining, effect was -72 (I think this is the cap for just dMND)

The -200 evasion test had Sab Distract III last 5 minutes and 20 seconds, so it might be possible to keep it on full time if no resists.

Can confirm that Inundation was +50% SC damage on Lights and Darkness's and I had zero issue landing it on anything.
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