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Sea Linkshell starting up.
Server: Titan
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By Titan.Guenhwyvar 2009-08-06 17:07:38
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Hello everyone here on Titan!

For those of you interested in doing Sea events (Jailers for now, but planning on expanding to other events based on member interests), Some close friends of mine and I have started up a shell. I have been running a social linkshell for many years now, with a good amount of interest to start this up. Looking for people who can follow directions, have a general enthusiasm for these events, and are team players. Any of you who may know me will also know I like to joke around a lot, overall im a highly sarcastic ***, but get results. Taking things lightly while having fun getting your needs done are a top priority. We do not wish to burn out great player here. We do not require that you keep the pearl on 100%, just to events only. If you want a decent social LS we can also provide that for you.

I dont see many shells actually farming pop items/popping Jailers in the times that work best for me as well as a handful of other people I know. Most of the time its a random pickup group that goes to farm in the shells I know of.

Now the times we are looking at are 8pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Again, with room to expand depending on interest. These are just days were starting up.

Preferably lvl 75 players, multiple jobs encouraged for flexibility, and you must have at least the CoP airship battle completed. Members who help out on CoP based runs will be able to aquire points to be used for bidding Sea items. Members will not be able to aquire any points until they have sea access, but at least you will have help getting there.

This is a points based linkshell, considering it takes time to farm these items.

PM me here if youre interested (Titan players onry)
See Dedrix, Taomage, or myself in game for more details, questions, or just feel like breaking our balls.

OR, apply online at (this is a social based linkshell website which we are also using for this event shell. Follow the format for applications there and they will be reviewed. Spam or applications not in this format will be automatically deleted.

Now lets see just how many other servers post here.

Good luck, hope to see a few of you here :)
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