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AddToChat color as a Variable
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By Carbuncle.Moomba 2013-06-23 22:45:15
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Small issue... I was wanting to set specific variables for certain types of AddToChat events such as Debug, Warning, & Info messages. However I prefer to keep things as modular as possible so I figured the best method was to set it up as a variable in the event I ever wanted to change it down the road globally across jobs.

For example:
<var name="Color.Debug">28</var>
<var name="Color.Warning">58</var>
<action Type="AddtoChat" Color="$Color.Debug">Debug Test</action>
<action Type="AddtoChat" Color="$Color.Warning">Warning Test</action>

Obviously, the VARs are outlined in the appropriate variable section, and the ACTIONs are in the rules. However, in practice all info messages are the same default white "1". I have verified that the variables are set correctly and active via listing current variables. The variable values are correct and I can confirm that if you simply replace the variable in the color section with the number it displays correctly (so it's not an issue with the rules to test.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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