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Merits to work for other mage jobs
By geekgirl101 2013-06-11 06:27:10
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Hi, I could use some help with how to balance my merits so that they work with other mage jobs too. I have RDM, WHM, BLM, SCH, SMN and GEO leveled, so it's kinda left me in a pickle what to do. This is what I've done so far:

STR: 4
INT: 10
MND: 5 (aiming for 10 unless it's a bad idea)

Combat Skills
Sword Skill: 8
Club Skill: 8
Staff Skill: 8
Evasion Skill: 4
(not sure if to put the remaining 4 in parrying, shield or dagger)

Magic Skills
Enfeebling Magic Skill: 8
Elemental Magic Skill: 8
Summoning Magic Skill: 8
(argh so many choices here, don't know where to put the last 8!)

Critical Hit Rate: 5
Spell Interruption Rate: 5

Any help at all would be appreciated. I mostly use BLM and WHM in endgame especially Aby, RDM I mostly solo with or may use for FC or Aby NMs, SMN is again something to solo with and sometimes used for some non-Aby engame, GEO and SCH is just something I fancied leveling and haven't yet found a use for except WHM/SCH and RDM/SCH subs.
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By kingfischer 2013-06-12 01:57:52
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For stats: I'd go with 12 int/mnd. Take the 4 off of strength because that few points into will make no noticeable difference and can easily be made up in gear.
Combat skills: Go 4 into parrying. Anytime that you're going to be hitting something will be giving you a chance to parry. Shield is useless unless you are on PLD. Dagger is situationaly useful but RDM is lacking in the cool toys department with them. (which sucks because i love to dualwield daggers on rdm)
Magic: Go Enhancing magic to get the most use. RDM, WHM, and SCH will get use out of it. Healing doesn't need the 16 extra levels to get top heals while enhancing does need them.
Others: Just fine how you have it. Enmity is almost useless anymore :/
Hope that helps out :)
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By Leviathan.Kincard 2013-06-12 02:04:10
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Attributes: STR is only really useful if you regularly melee on WHM or maybe RDM. Though personally I wouldn't get STR even if I did.

Combat: Parrying is going to be useless most of the time, parrying doesn't work like that- even A+ jobs get floored on the skill rate on anything that matters, let alone jobs with Cs and Ds in it. Shield might be useful if you idle in a shield on RDM or WHM.

Magic: Enhancing for sure, yeah.

Others: Drop your spell interruption rate if you don't plan on making a spell interruption set, otherwise those levels arn't doing anything at all. I'd get enemy crit rate- instead.
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By Carbuncle.Chibiclone 2013-06-12 03:02:56
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I magic I'd drop the elemental since mages haven't been DDs since 75, definitely pick up enhancing. And I haven't personally lvl'ed geo yet, or really paid that much attention to it, but I know that a lot of it's effect comes from skill level so I'd probally consider putting points into geomancy (if it even gets you remotely closer to a new tier of effectiveness)
By geekgirl101 2013-06-12 17:49:34
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Cheers guys, thanks for the suggestions.
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