New/Returning Player Linkshell A Success!

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New/Returning Player Linkshell a Success!
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By thecenturiondm 2011-04-26 22:28:35
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Our linkshell has come a long way - we've had a few ups and downs, but we're still alive and kickin'! I'd like to take the time to invite any new or returning players to take a look at the new website we've created : ... with the newly created website we're able to better organize ourselves, plan events, post messages on the forums, utilize the shoutbox, post media such as videos/pics, etc.

Again, if you fall into one of the following categories, please stop by and take a look at the new site ~

1. Brand New Player
2. Returning Player
3. Are interested in helping lower level players w/ a focus on lower level content (CoP, RoZ, Nation Mission/Quest lines, Simply sight-seeing in Vanadiel, etc.)

Also, we are now under new management due to our original leader temporarily taking a leave of absence to focus on some personal issues. As such, we have renamed the new linkshell TitanSentinels in honor of our current server. I have stepped as the new ls leader (Centurion). Please see myself or Naozumi for a pearl in game and please, again, visit the website if you're at all interested in joining the new shell. Thanks!

P.S. All interested applicants, please take the time to read the following post before making the decision to join, thanks! :

"Those of us just joining us. Remember, we are not a powerlevel linkshell. We are not here to grind to 90 so we can farm phat loot from end game dungeons. We are here to slow down and relax."
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