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Prismatic Llama NM LS - Recruiting 40+
Server: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
user: eadieni
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By Fenrir.Eadieni 2011-01-23 14:26:14
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The Prismatic Llama NM LS is looking for new players to join for notorious monsters to replace two MIA members.
FFXIV Pro page

We are currently relaxing our recruitment for the following classes (Normally 45+) to Rank 40+
Conjurer (x2)
Gladiator (x1)
Archer (x2)

These classes have somewhat low attendance (1-2 members) and as a result gear is easier to obtain due to less competition for their loot.

Our NM nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with a gathering time of 8:30pm Central Standard Time (9:30 EST)

Our website can be found at

Our rules:
Other Non-NM linkshells are allowed during non-NM hours. Examples are LSs like SnowCrash which some members use to level their alts.
Wearing another NM LS will result in a broken pearl
Attendance is mostly optional, using a DKP system to distribute loot to those who attend
Real Life > Game
No Drama
Teamspeak required for NMs (talking is not, but listening is)
Play your job the way it's supposed to be played, and occasionally the way we tell you to play it at events.

Loot is distributed to players to whom the item is Favored to their class, and the highest rank. So a Marauder will not get to loot the Lance head as long as other rank 50 lancers still need it, even if the marauder has more points. If items are unclaimed they will be distributed via FFA at half points, and if nobody claims it still it may be sold by LS bank and split with attendees

At this time the Membership Trial Program is on hold due to it seeming unnecessary at this time (We've only gotten pro members and everyone has been doing their job, if we start to get some incompetent members we may reinstate the program)

This linkshell is good, tight community. Players know each other by first name, and most have grouped with each other from launch. Viva la old SP system! We do all the content in the game but we do it without a stick up our ***, removing the fun from it. We don't E-Peen around town with our loot, or parade our accomplishments in shout, but we will help everyone out and get them the items they want.
Come join us and play FFXIV the way it was meant to be played! With other players and not Coblyns!

We fight lots of NMs, and our videos can be seen here (World NMs) (first NM night buffalo and wolf) (buffalo) (The other NMs)
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