Gulool Ja Ja And Other ToAU Kings (forget Salvage

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Gulool Ja Ja and other ToAU kings (forget Salvage
Server: Titan
Game: FFXI
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By Titan.Fruitytooty 2010-09-04 16:19:11
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Have had no luck with mercing so if anyone is up for Gulool Ja Ja,I have the key set,I also recently got a Medusa set..but unfortunatly,haven't finish Gurfurl,bronze key is a *** to get

Anyway,I know how to fight Gulool and how to get to him,just need the people

From experience,gonna need Ranged DDs,the best on this guy seem to be SMNs,BLU/THF,and RNG
Also am gonna need some PLDs,a couple healers,possibly BRDs
Gulool constantly does Miasma (Plague AoE) so mele DD isnt really desired,Also need people who can hold a VT~strengthed
mamool,Gulool always has pets out,its worthless to kill them
4 I recall 2 THF mamools and 2 WHMs killing them is the worst thing to do,they repop on the tanks (thats what screwed me last run)

so if your interested,contact me in XI,if your going for mythic,this is a good chance noone else is willing to help unless if the mob has an unreasonable price-tag attatched

Also-ignore the "Looking for Salvage group" post,never going back to that garbage of an HNM event ever.
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