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Low man Abyssea
Server: Titan
Game: FFXI
Posts: 5
By Titan.Djqwakqwak 2010-07-25 18:19:33
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looking to put together a low man abyssea group to meet 2 times a week, if interested drop me a pm or /t me in game, i can cover rdm,blm,thf,smn, or whm so let me know what jobs you have and we will see if we can get something together
Server: Carbuncle
Game: FFXI
user: zanno
Posts: 2849
By Carbuncle.Zanno 2010-07-25 18:27:25
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With low man group, will you be able to kill fast and efficient enough to keep TE chests coming and capping exp?

Just curious
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Ludog
Posts: 36553
By Asura.Ludoggy 2010-07-25 18:28:25
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I'd think its for the nms.
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