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Pet: Acc/Att
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By Stona 2010-07-21 10:33:44
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Since the addition of the new beastmaster jug pets (which has gotten be back into the job) I have been trying to build a Pet WS equipment set. Here are things that I have been eyeing...

For this list I am concentrating on just the Pet:"X" stats on the items... obviously certain items will only be situational (i.e. axes/earrings)

Guichard's Axe (x2) - Pet: Attack+16 (considering doing two for +32 attack when I am not going to be meleeing the mob)

Ferine mantle - Pet: Accuracy+10

Mirke Wardescor - Pet: Accuracy+15, Pet: Attack+15

Desultor Tassets - Pet: Accuracy+7, Pet: Attack+7

Fidelity Earring - Latent: Enhances pet Accuracy (+10 when partied with a PUP)

Affinity Earring - Latent: Enhances pet Attack (+10 when partied with a BST)

These are the items that I have been looking at obtaining. Like I mentioned earlier, some items being completely situational.

Does anyone know if there are any evoliths/FoV augments that apply to Pet:Acc+ or Pet: Att+? I am not to fond of the idea of trying to repeat the mini-expansion battles for a horribly low chance of getting more items to macro in for Ready/Sic.


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By Alexander.Kaizan 2010-07-21 11:26:09
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The affinity and fidelity latent effects are swapped

I.e. fidelity -> party with bst
affinity -> party with pup

you might also want to look at a pet dmg taken setup also in the areas you can't put acc/attk for pet.
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By Raldo 2010-07-21 11:26:58
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Blowing the augment on Desultor Tassets seems like a waste; I'd just use a herder's subligar.

spurrer beret is cool too, but that obviously isn't going to help a pet's WS.

I've never seen any evoliths with Pet stats on them, and wiki doesn't have any on file either. I've never seen a FoV pet augment, but even if it was possible, the sheer amount of garbage you'd have to go through just to get one is probably more of a hassle than repeating mini-expansion battles. I've actually had good luck getting Pet enhancements on the earrings from the ACP Fei'Yin BC, but the miniscule bonuses aren't really worth the effort unless you're shooting for something else (I was trying for a free STR+2 earring, but ended up with an Atk+5 Pet:Atk+3 one instead).
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By Quetzalcoatl.Diveine 2010-07-21 12:26:50
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In my pet enhancement setup I also have the Anwig Salade with Pet: Haste +5 and Physical Damage taken -. On Mirke I chose the pet acc +, Crit +2% and Double attk.

Askar legs give pet: Defense +10

Also was able to obtain a Spinel Earring with acc +1, pet: acc+3 racc+3 on it from ACP Fei'yin like Raldo said. I wouldn't carry a Fidelity or Afinity earring since those pieces are situational.
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By Stona 2010-07-21 14:33:11
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Yeah, I definately plan on working up a pdt- set for pet soon too. My plan for pdt- was...

Anwig Salade: Haste +5%/ DMG taken-10%
Beast Bazubands: DEF+5%
Shepards Chain: DMG taken -2%
Selemnus Belt: Magic DMG taken -3%
Askar Dirs: DEF+10

and at least dual Skeggiolds with the -5% DMG taken on each, even though I think since the last update there is now an -8% DMG taken version of Guichard's axe.

Calculated using Guichard's ends up...

DMG taken - 28%
Magic DMG taken - 3%

That is almost everything I can think of for pet -pdt.

Anything that I'm not thinking of?

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By Remora.Belius 2010-08-03 09:54:15
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Lion tamer for PDT.
Pallas for PDT.
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