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Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
Posts: 25
By Bahamut.Slingblayde 2010-05-28 11:29:48
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I camped him for almost a week straight, LK popped twice and Argus popped twice. I didnt keep track of moon phase or anything else.
I got the claim all 4 times, no drops on either of the items. Thats when I said *** it, I coulda made double the cash mining up darksteel and making ingots. Thats what I ended up doing and I bought it. I was War/Rng so I could see both areas on widescan.
I went 0/23 on the PCC BCNM before finally getting it to drop also.
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: rinkydink
Posts: 1848
By Asura.Rinkydink 2010-05-28 12:18:35
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well having the PCA BB and EH that are the r/e version looks nice and its how i wanna play the game..

like i said i can find a better way to spend 1.6mil..
Caitsith.Shiroi said:
but if you want an advice, for like 600k(maybe less depending on server) you could have a way better upgrade. Buy x2 Sniper's ring or Woodsman and dusk feet.

You'll have 2 haste and 8~ acc from your current setup for ~600k vs 5 acc for 1.6m

yeh thanks for that.. i been looking at dusk feet.. with my war setup and im still perfecting it.. as for woodmans, yeh i have it. :) having 2 is not my playing style so again still working that out but thanks for heads up (ps i still want PCA! lol)
Server: Leviathan
Game: FFXI
user: Dubont
Posts: 1686
By Leviathan.Dubont 2010-05-28 23:44:21
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buy a PCC. Takes maybe 2-3 days to get the gil. OR do the bcnm which is a fairly decent drop and you dont have to worry about someone stealing it if u QM urself. PCA is a waste of time and only for those that don't have lives outside of the game. There is no "e-peen" for PCA. All PCA says is "Lifeless."
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